Collection: Purton House Organics

The folks at Purton House Organics have an organic beef that's 100% grass fed and out in the field for most of the year, apart from the few months over the worst of the winter, when they are tucked up in the barns enjoying homegrown hay and silage. The pigs are rather too much free-range (escape artists!), rooting around the fields and orchards, and fed on organic feed and leftover organic veg waste too. They also have inquisitive free-range laying hens who are also fed on organic feed and leftover veggies, as well as foraging in the fields.

Their organic vegetables grow on over 10 hectares of loamy (and stoney) land, around the farm. They have 10 polytunnels, so can grow heat-loving crops such as tomatoes, aubergines and even melons in summer, and lots of delicious Oriental salad mixes in winter. On top of all this, their lake is in the middle of the farm, providing plenty of water for irrigation, and above all is the perfect habitat for wildlife.

Purton House Organics